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Year Round Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

landscape maintenance

We offer a wide range of different landscaping maintenance options available throughout Monroe, West Monroe, Ruston, Farmerville and surrounding areas.. Below are descriptions of several of the options that we offer. If there is a service that you were looking for that is not listed below please call to see if we can meet your lawn and landscape maintenance needs.

Lawn Mowing

Some of us enjoy mowing the lawn. Some take pride in taking care of their lawn. Many people, however, don't have the time or the energy to mow the lawn on a weekly basis. That is where we come in. We can mow your lawn every week to ensure that it always looks maintained. For those of you that have slower growing grass we also offer the option to come and mow your lawn every other week (bi-weekly) instead of coming on a weekly basis. So whatever you are in need of we can assure you that your grass will always be the perfect height.

Hedge Trimming

Although it may not have to be done very often, trimming the hedges adds a great level of appeal to the lawn. That's why we take great care into making sure that your hedges always look well maintained. All that is needed is 3-5 days out of the year and you will never have to worry about hedges again.

Pinestraw and Mulch

Everyone wants a brilliant, lush garden and mulch is an important part of that. Mulch is great at keeping plants in a garden moisturized and keeps the insects that also like your plants out. There are many different types of mulch and all of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Pine Straw is a popular choice because it can be used anywhere and doesn't require any special kind of maintenance which makes it great for the average house harden. If what your  landscaping needs is a little bit more complex then give us a call and we'll be able to make a recommendation on which mulch would work best for you.

Leaf and Debris Removal - Spring and Fall Cleanup

Sometimes it's the small things that count. Removing the leaves and any loose debris seems like a small detail, but it's the attention to detail that can really make a yard stand out. When we service your yard for whatever reason we make sure that this detail is not overlooked. Leaf and debris removal is particularly important to keeping your yard looking clean and nice through the Fall season, and allows the best growing conditions for new grass in Spring.

Bedding Plants

Clean, well defined flower and plant bedding is an enhancement to any lawn and landscape. No matter what your preferences may be, we can design and construct plant and flower bedding that integrates with your specific design desires, recommend plants that will thrive in your moisture and sunlight conditions. You may utilize our plant guide to view plants and flowers that do well in our general area.

Lawn Fertilization

As the temperature rises and Spring starts to show itself, lawn fertilization becomes ever more important. Fertilizing your yard at the beginning of spring ensures that your grass and plants grow strong and healthy. We make sure to use the best type of fertilizer for your particular type of turf grass, in the correct amount, applied with the correct frequency for maximum growth and health. 


When you hear a breeze rolling along the tree tops in the middle of winter you instinctively bundle up and brace yourself for the cold. Your lawn and landscaping also has to brace for the cold. This is most true in the case of any water appliances, such as fountains or backyard ponds and waterfalls, that have to be closed and sealed so they don't freeze and burst. Some yards hardly need any special preparation for winter but others need quite a bit. For a thorough inspection and recommendation of your winterization needs, give us a call and we'll be glad to help.